Mike is a guitar virtuoso who has recorded countless solo guitar albums in South Africa. He is an experienced singer and studio musician, arranger and producer. He recently recorded an album with well-known classical guitarist Tessa Ziegler called Classic Meets Rock, which blends the two styles into one.

He can teach all styles from beginners to advanced, and in conjunction with the practical side he can teach theory and reading. If any pupil wants to learn songs from albums he is quite willing to work out solos and chords for them. He can also fast -track his pupils into learning how to play rock solos. He teaches finger style solos as well as plectrum guitar solos from written music pieces, as well as jazz chord solos. The pupils will gain an extensive all round knowledge of music and how to play the guitar.


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if you are interested in one of the Pilot Productions' services then please contact us on 021 791 0285 or
083 548 1108 (Mike)
or 083 454 3154 (Eileen).  You may also email us at info@pilotproductions.co.za