Mike runs an up to date recording studio with live recording at reasonable rates, having arranged, produced and engineered many hit albums.

Mike has recorded Ken Mullan, Sonja Herholdt, Clive Bruce, Tommy Dell, Jurie Els, Mahotella Queens, and Over the Hillbillies, to name but a few. Other projects include The Bats, Nadine, and Paul Buckby of “Generations” fame, Hennie van Rensburg, Andre Johnson and Loot Steyn, as well as countless jingles, audio visuals and corporate songs.

He has recently recorded an album with the well known classical guitarist Tessa Ziegler called Classic Meets Rock, as well as an Irish Love Songs CD. The collaboration with Tessa is one of his most exciting projects to date, giving him the opportunity of not only being able to perform with one of our most renowned classical guitarists, but to push the boundaries of the two different genres of music into one eclectic melting pot.

For 11 years until the series ended, he arranged and produced an immensely popular cover version series, Springbok Hits, and followed this as arranger/producer on the longest running TV1 country music show “Sing Country” and later its successor “Sounds Country”.


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if you are interested in one of the Pilot Productions' services then please contact us on 021 791 0285 or
083 548 1108 (Mike)
or 083 454 3154 (Eileen).  You may also email us at info@pilotproductions.co.za